House Will Debate 8 Bills Today With The Goal Of Stopping Government Abuse & Stemming Federal Mismanagement; Ros-Lehtinen Is Pleased To Support Them

Washington, DC --- Today the House will debate 8 bills that will help stop government abuse and federal mismanagement and Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) is pleased to support them.

1-           -  Citizen Empowerment Act – H.R. 2711 – This legislation will require the creation of an affirmative right for persons to record their meetings and telephone calls with a federal regulatory official who is engaged in enforcement activites and requires that persons be notified of their rights.

2-           -  Government Spending Accountability Act – H.R. 313 – This legislation increases transparency with respect to taxpayer funded conferences, places limits on federal conferences and requires agency approval from the top administrator for the most costly conferences.

3-              Government Employee Accountability Act – H.R. 2579 – This bill will give federal agencies the option to place employees on unpaid leave when they are under investigation for some serious crimes.

4-           - Common Sense in Compensation Act – H.R. 1541 – This legislation would place limits on the size of bonuses and it will also limit the number of senior agency employees who can receive bonuses.

5-           - Government Customer Service Improvement Act – H.R. 1660 –This bill requires federal agencies to adopt customer service standards and use customer feedback to improve their performances.

6-              Stop Playing on Citizen’s Cash Act – H.R. 2533 – This bill imposes a moratorium on IRS conferences until the Inspector General’s recommendations are implemented.

7-             The Taxpayer Bill of Rights – H.R. 2768  -- This bill will specify the rights that citizens have when dealing with the IRS, including privacy rights.

8-              Stop Targeting Our Politics IRS Act – H.R. 2565 – This bill would provide for the termination of any IRS employee who takes official actions for political purposes.

Said Ros-Lehtinen, “I’m pleased to support these eight important bills that will help stop government abuse and stem the tide of federal mismanagement. We’re the stewards of the taxpayers’ money and it is the responsibility of every member of Congress to assure that these funds are spent wisely and not wasted on frivolous projects. I’m glad that we have begun this important task and I look forward to working in a bipartisan manner to bring these bills to the President’s desk for his signature.”