If True That Spanish Government Has Distanced Itself From Cuban Dissidents To “Lower Tensions” With Regime, Ros-Lehtinen Says This Would Be Disgraceful & Yet Another Example Of Foreign Nations Turning Their Backs On Liberty To Kowtow To Castro Brothers

Jan 15, 2013 Issues: Foreign Affairs


Washington, DC --- Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL), former Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, now serving as Chairman of the Middle East and North Africa Subcommittee, issued the following statement on reports that the Spanish government is distancing itself from the Cuban pro democracy movement to “lower tensions” with the Castro dictatorship.

Ros-Lehtinen’s statement:

“If it’s true that the Spanish government has cancelled events and meetings with the brave men and women of the Cuban pro democracy movement, it would be disgraceful. It would also add Spain to the long list of nations that have turned their backs on liberty to kowtow to the Castro brothers.

It is tragic that such a lamentable decision would have been made by the conservative Spanish government, because, historically, conservative Spanish governments have usually been tough against the Castro brothers. The cause of bringing liberty and freedom to the Cuban people will continue with or without the assistance of the Spanish government. However, let it be clear that when the Castro brothers eventually meet the fate that befalls other hated tyrants, the Cuban people will remember who helped them in their darkest hour and who turned their backs on them and played nice with the dictators in Havana.”

NOTE:   According to the Madrid based news website, El Confidencial Digital, the Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs has given the order to tone down what is said publicly in regards to the Castro regime. The news website also says that the Ministry has asked that meetings with pro democracy activists on the island be rescheduled for later dates and that pro democracy motions regarding Cuba in the European Parliament be cancelled.