Ros-Lehtinen’s Statement Regarding The President’s Address On The State Of The Union; Congresswoman Says Most Important Goal To Achieve Is Improve Economy & Create Jobs

Jan 25, 2012 Issues: Defense Abroad, Economy

Washington, DC – Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) issued the following statement regarding the President’s address on the State of the Union.

“Our nation is in an economic crisis. Americans are having a tough time finding jobs and providing for their families. This is a time where we look to our leaders for bold solutions and a concrete plan to get Americans back to work.

Unfortunately, President Obama’s State of the Union is yet another example of lofty rhetoric and empty promises. Hispanic-Americans, like all communities, are looking for clarity and leadership.

Our economy will not improve if we continue the failed policies of deficit spending and over-regulation. With national unemployment and unemployment in my home state of Florida so alarmingly high, it is time to put partisanship aside and unleash the power of the American entrepreneur. Unemployment has been above eight percent for 35 consecutive months under the current administration, the longest span since the Great Depression. Three years ago, the Obama administration has said that unemployment would never reach eight percent if the ‘stimulus’ was approved; The Congress approved it and the unemployment rate continued rising.

Government does not create jobs. The best thing bureaucrats can do is to get out of the way and let the creativity and work ethic of the people revitalize our economy. Small and medium-sized business owners do not need to be saddled with onerous regulations and uncertainty.

Two point three million businesses are owned by Hispanics and generate more than 3.5 billion dollars annually. These businesses are a crucial component in restoring our nation’s economy. That is why Hispanic-Americans and all Americans understand the need for fiscal responsibility and private-sector job creation.

Our Republican leadership in the House is serious and committed about getting Americans back to work.  We have almost 30 bipartisan jobs bills pending Senate action.

These bills reflect the common sense solutions and pro-growth agenda that Republicans in Congress are fighting for every day. Republicans have succeeded in cutting discretionary spending for the second straight year. More taxation, regulation, and litigation are not the answer.

Republicans recognize that the economic challenges faced by the Hispanic community are the same faced by Americans from all walks of life. That is why Republicans have a plan to create jobs, reign in our deficit and pay off our debt.

American families have had to tighten their belts during this fiscal crisis. It is time their government followed suit. It is wrong to steal from our children’s future. Let’s all work together, in a bipartisan manner, to help get Americans back to work.”