Ros-Lehtinen Celebrates The 4th of July By Welcoming New Citizens As They Swear Oath To Our Democratic Way Of Government At Historic Freedom Tower In Downtown Miami

Jul 2, 2013

Miami, Florida – This 4th of July, Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) will celebrate America’s independence by welcoming new citizens who will be swearing allegiance to our nation and democratic government at the historic Freedom Tower in downtown Miami.

Ileana will be speaking to over 200 new citizens from 50 nations as varied as Bangladesh, Belarus, Ghana, Moldova and others including five members of the military and the producer of the TV series “Burn Notice” at 10:30 am at the Freedom Tower (600 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami) on Thursday, July 4th. The Freedom Tower is considered by many Cuban Americans as their Ellis Island after they were forced to flee the Castro dictatorship and were processed at the Tower by U.S. officials.

Said Ros-Lehtinen, “It is a distinct honor to speak before these new citizens on the day that America celebrates her independence, and even more so to be doing it at the iconic Freedom Tower. The Freedom Tower is a symbol of hope and liberty for many Cuban Americans because that is where many of us were processed by U.S. officials after fleeing the communist Castro tyranny. I have the sweetest and fondest memories of going to the Freedom Tower with my dad, mom and brother to receive the powdered milk and cheese that was given out there and I always love returning because it brings those memories back.

The story of the Freedom Tower is an example of the grandeur of the United States and her democratic form of government. This is a gentle, welcoming nation and that is what makes America the greatest nation on earth and the envy of the world. Happy Birthday U.S.A and I wish a warm welcome to the new citizens.”

Note:  Media is being asked to arrive 45 minutes before the ceremony begins to clear security.