Ros-Lehtinen Joins Cong. Tim Griffin in Letter to the President Urging the Administration to Reevaluate its Position on Providing F-16s to the Morsi Muslim Brotherhood-Led Government

Feb 1, 2013 Issues: Foreign Affairs

Washington, DC – Cong. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL), Chairman of the Middle East and North Africa Subcommittee, signed on to Cong. Tim Griffin’s (R-AR) letter to President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry requesting that the Administration delay the delivery of F-16 planes to the Egyptian military. Ros-Lehtinen made the following statement:

With turmoil again on the rise in Egypt and the future of the Morsi Muslim Brotherhood-led government in doubt, it is clear that we need to reevaluate our foreign policy objectives when dealing with the Egyptian government. Morsi continually violates the civil rights of the Egyptian people and it is clear from the recent wave of demonstrations that they have had enough.

I have introduced legislation in the House to condition our aid to Egypt until we can be assured that the Egyptian government can be trusted. Recent violent outbreaks and the volatile situation in Egypt should give the U.S. reason to pause when considering continuing to provide foreign assistance to the government of Egypt, especially military assistance in the form of these F-16s. Even more disconcerting are Morsi’s views toward our closest friend and ally, the democratic Jewish State of Israel. The statements that have come to light in recent weeks clearly reveal a man who holds Jews and Israel in such contempt that it would not be out of the realm of possibility to believe he is capable of turning his aggression toward Israel.

“I urge the Obama Administration to look past the Muslim Brotherhood’s facade and realize the truth: Morsi cannot be trusted. We must stop U.S. taxpayer money from funding the Morsi regime and not allow Morsi to spread his message of hate and anti-Semitism across the globe.”


Note: Chairman Ros-Lehtinen has introduced H.R. 416 – The Egypt Accountability and Democracy Promotion Act, which conditions U.S. aid to Egypt upon certification that Egypt is not controlled by a foreign terrorist organization, transitions to a free-market democratic government, adopts and implements legal reforms that protect the rights of all citizens, fully implements the Israel-Egypt peace treaty, and destroys the smuggling network between Egypt and Gaza.