Today’s Anti-Israel Action is Another Example of Anti-Semitic Agenda at the UN, and a Prime Example of Why the UN Needs to be Reformed, Ros-Lehtinen Says

Mar 18, 2013 Issues: Foreign Affairs

(WASHINGTON) – U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL), Chairman of the Middle East and North Africa Subcommittee, released the following statement on the multiple reports and resolutions that the United Nations will spew out this week singling out Israel: Statement by Ros-Lehtinen:

“I strongly condemn today’s pathetic attempts in the UN to delegitimize the democratic, Jewish State of Israel by falsely claiming that Israeli settlements are the direct cause of Palestinian problems. The UN should instead denounce the Palestinian Authority for its corrupt practices and for allowing Hamas and other extremist groups to turn their hatred and violent acts against the Jewish State.

“In some additional reports that condemn Israel, it is hypocritical that the regimes of Cuba and Syria have accused Israel of violating human rights. Not only are such statements false and completely inaccurate, but the United Nations is undermined when authoritarian countries like Cuba and Syria have the audacity to criticize Israel on human rights issues while oppressing and butchering their own citizens. The fact that some of the world’s biggest human rights violators are sitting on the United Nation’s Human Rights Council only further damages the already tarnished reputation of the United Nations – if that were even possible anymore.

“The UN has been hijacked by anti-Semitic, anti-peace regimes who seek to target free democracies like Israel and its allies as a means to further promote their own propaganda agendas.  The United States and all responsible nations should condemn this blatant bias against Israel and use all available influence to ensure that the UN discontinues such bullying attacks against Israel.”

NOTE: During the 112th Congress, Ros-Lehtinen was the author of H.R. 2829, the United Nations Transparency, Accountability, and Reform Act of 2011, which would cut off funding to any UN entity that recognizes a Palestinian state or upgrades in any way the status of the Palestinian observer mission at the UN prior to the achievement of a complete and final peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians.