Responses from the Community

I read almost daily your incredible email reports and I am overwhelmed at your outstanding accomplishments and commitment to our country, its safety and welfare. I am also thankful for your magnificent respect for the well-being of our closest ally, the State of Israel. I could congratulate you by letter or call daily, but out of respect for your time and schedule I do not send you what could be a series of continuous congratulatory and laudatory letters or calls. I cannot think of one exception to my rule- if Ileana is for it, it is correct and good. I also still thank you for the beautiful Foreword that your wrote for my book Havana Forever.  I still hope as you do for the return of freedom for the people of Cuba. Helyne joins in sending you and your beautiful family our very warmest regards.


I would like to thank your Miami team for taking care of my issue in a seamless and professional manner. Special thanks to Danny, the young gentlemen who answered my call initially, for taking his time and pointing me in the right direction. And of course to Maggie, who handled my case, and is very human, approachable, and empathetic.


THANK YOU! Amazing... After your office contacted the SSA everything changed for the better, their attitude, their willingness to help, and to top it all - things got done! Thank you!


An exceptional leader,public servant and fearless advocate on human rights beyond the US borders. The world would be a phenomenal learning incubator if we had more educators like Ileana Ros-Lehtinen.

-Congressional Hispanic Leadership Institute

Thank you so much for your prompt attention in this matter, as always Congresswoman Ros-Lehtinen and her office are there for her City of Miami Firefighters. I informed Ricardo of the news and we will continue to pray for his brother's safety and arrival in the USA. Looking forward to drinking cafecito at the Congresswoman's office in DC. Thank you!


Just wanted to let you know that our family had a wonderful and informative tour of Congress this past Monday. Our guides were interns Kelly, David and Thomas. All 3 of them were great. We were really impressed with their knowledge. We have 3 kids ages 12, 6, and 4. Kelly, David and Tom were able to make the tour informative and interesting for the adults, but also fun for the kids. Not an easy task! Thanks again for your help in putting this together and please extend a warm Thank You for Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen. As Cuban-Americans, we are so happy and proud she is our District Congresswoman!


I can’t thank you enough for your help and concern in the matter of my VA benefits and claim.


I am very happy with the job you have done as my representative. I very much appreciate all the hard work you are doing for education, jobs and the economy. You are very inspiring to me. You are one of the very few women trying to help America and that inspires me to follow my dreams and to never give up no matter what.

– Nicole

I just wanted to write you and thank you for everything. We had a FANTASTIC evening with the Congresswoman and her husband. More importantly, I think they had a great time too. The introduction was spot on and the talks Ileana and Dexter had with our Soldiers and guests were phenomenal.


Thank you so much and your fine staff for a prompt and professional solution to my case. I’m so glad to have you as our congresswoman and knowing the fine staff that works under your umbrella, thank you!


It is with great gratitude that I thank you and your office for the help that you provided me to renew my passport. Without your support it would have been extremely difficult or maybe even impossible, to be able to travel.

–Ana Maria

Quiero darle las gracias por ocuparse de enviar la carta a Medicaid para que mi esposo recupera. Ustedes fueron tan amables que no tengo palabras con las cuales agredecer su generocidad. Bendiciones para todo el staff de Iliana.


We deeply appreciate your help in our immigration matter. It is nice to know that you were able to help us. We will remember this forever.

–Afonso and Janice

Thank you for your interest in solving my problems with the US postal service. Thanks again to a Congresswoman like you and a great Representative.


Thank you for writing to the Social Security Administration on my behalf. I appreciate your office for the excellent support and help you have given me.


Thank you for your outstanding support of the United States Navy and the Naval Vessel Transfer Act of 2013. I know this piece of legislation was a challenge, and I admire your commitment and leadership throughout the entire process.

– Jonathan, admiral in the U.S. Navy

I offer my deep appreciation for providing Miami Dade Honors College students with tickets to the presidential inauguration.

Miami Dade College

I think Ileana has been doing a fantastic job for us and our country with her persistence in seeking truth about Benghazi, helping the young Marine exit the Mexican jail, supporting Israel and opposing the Egyptian Muslim brotherhood.


Your suggestion to contact the Oversight committee ultimately lead to an investigation and report by the GAO. Thank you for all your help.


Last Monday I visited your office in Marina Lakes and dropped off my documentation on our application for permanent residency. I explained how my application was 'stuck' in the system. We have a company here in South Florida and had planned on expanding and adding staff. The uncertainty of my application being delayed has also delayed our expansion.
From beginning to end it has taken only one week for your office to create results. Given the 'snails pace' that INS normally move at, I am not only delighted but pleasantly 'shocked' that Grace could have such quick results. Please extend my thanks and appreciation to her and the rest of your staff.


I wanted to thank you for having me in the office. My internship was so personally rewarding and has made such a lasting impact on my life. The office was an encouraging environment and with such motivated and hardworking individuals who have only motivated me to further continue my education. You have all served as unequaled role-models in my life and opened my eyes to a world of opportunities. My hope is that I helped the office and the District as much as they have helped me. Thank you for the opportunity of a lifetime.


We received a letter yesterday from the VA granting death pension benefits. Thank you Congresswoman Ros-Lehtinen for your help in making this happen. I can't tell you how grateful and happy we are that my Dad's memory will be honored: by his country helping to take care of the "love of his life" in his absence.

Gail & Joan

You should hear all of the wonderful praise I received about your participation in our Ruby Jubillee celebration as Mistress of Ceremonies. Others were in awe that the Miami Lighthouse was able to have your participation during the three-day holiday whne so many were seeking a getaway. You are so willing to be with your constituents and to hear the voice of your poeple that everyone loves you regardless of their political affiliation. Thank you for being the best MC possible; you brought us many new friends who wanted to be there because you were there.

Virginia A. Jacko, President & CEO of the Miami Lighthouse for the Blind And Visually Impaired

I would like to express my profound gratitude to you for your assistance with obtaining a visa for a native of Spain who is singing a lead role in Florida Gradnd Opera's zarzuela. The morning after we contacted your office, [he] received an email from the Consulate asking him to come to their office to complete his paperwork. We are extremely grateful to you for your help.

Robert M. Heuer, General Director and CEO of the Florida Grand Opera

I just wanted to thank you regarding my claim with the Veteran’s Administration. Your concern and your attention in this matter mean the world to me.

Nelson, Miami Beach Resident

Thank you for taking the time to follow up on my Social Security benefits and the effort you put into helping me better understand how benefits are figured

Joan, Miami Resident

Kudos to Ileana on an outstanding interview with Anne O'Bannon this morning. Ileana really nailed it, hitting every major point on Catch Shares and hammering those points again and again. Fleet reduction and job loss, especially in the Keys, would devastate our local economy and they are having the same affect on a broader scale nationwide. Please give our best to Ileana and our sincere thanks for her rock-solid support.

Florida Keys Commercial Fisherman’s Association

Thank you very much for the acknowledgment letter for my 25 years of service with the Key West Fire Department. We seldom get recognition like this other then what the City of Key West does for us. I am proud to serve the people of Key West and will greatly miss my brothers along with the people of this great Island. Again thank you very much for your letter it means a lot that someone other then the city is thinking about what we do.

Captain Peter, Key West Fire Department

The Orthodox Union would like to a wish a congratulations to Republican Congresswoman Ileana RosLehtinen (FL18) on her recent election to be the Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee. Over the years, Congresswoman RosLehtinen has been a stalwart advocate on behalf of her constituents in South Florida which includes the Young Israel of Bal Harbour, an Orthodox Union member synagogue. Congresswoman RosLehtinen has been a champion of Jewish causes around the world including many that directly affect the Jewish community and the State of Israel.

The Orthodox Union

Thank you for helping me this last year with my VA benefits and my personal problems. You were really there for me You are really there for us... Thank you so very much. On behalf of myself, my family, and my many friends we will be there for you...

John, Big Pine Key

On behalf of my son, husband and myself, I want to express my sincere gratitude to you and your staff for your assistance.  you always made us feel like we mattered and that ours was not just one among myriad cases.  The way we see it, you helped us to bring home our sonwhich to this parent, means the world.

Ellen and Dr. Katz.  Miami Beach, Florida

I don't have enough words to express my gratitude for Congresswoman Ileana RosLehtinen for the Letter of Recommendation to the Chairman of the NEA on behalf of my daughter Karen Campbell. This Letter of Recommendation clearly shows the Congresswoman's support and dedication to her constituents.  On a personal level, I am not only grateful but also proud to call Congresswoman IleanaRosLethinen my Representative in Congress.

Jeannette,  MiamiDade County

Thank you for interceding on my behalf in reference to the above issue regarding my daughters.  I'm grateful how promptly this was resolved.

Barbara,  MiamiDade County

Thanks again for everything. Ed got a standing ovation after his speech. We were very proud. He’s back to work today!!!!! We are thrilled to have him home . It was a long summer. Please give our love and appreciation to Ileana. Her comments meant so much to us. Thanks again.

Alina Tejeda Hudak,Miami Dade County

United States Congresswoman Ileana RosLehtinen honored The Women of Tomorrow Mentor & Scholarship Program (WOT) with recognition on the floor of Congress. The United States House of Representatives presented Women of Tomorrow with a congressional record acknowledging the success and benefits of the WOT program in our community, including a 90% mentee high school graduation rate and over $2.3 million in scholarships awarded to over 800 mentees.

Women of Tomorrow

We were all blown away by Ileana's wonderful, magnanimous and gracious remarks on the Floor yesterday. Allison and our entire family sends our deep and sincere appreciation.

Paul Novack

Nice to see the Congresswoman give this speech on the House floor. I recently read a story about Miep Gies and she truly was a brave and decent person in a very challenging situation. I know we Washingtonians are often too cynical to notice these little gestures by Members but just to let you know that at least one person noticed and appreciates it.

Ed Kutler

My greatest appreciation to the both of you for helping me obtain the Expedite passport I needed for my full participation in the First Response Haitian Relief Efforts. I never thought it could happen, but you made it all possible.

Greg and Vivienne

Thank you Ileana, I live in a legal but not conforming house that was altered in the early seventies. The stress of being told that the house cannot be sold without an inspection, even though it is on the books as "legal but not conforming" is horrific. This is absolutely a government taking of our rights as homeowners. Your letter is right on the mark!

Doralba Munoz, Executive Director, Union Positiva, Inc.

I am truly honored and grateful for the moving presentation at Varela today. So many seniors came by to see me during the day to ask how they could get involved. It is wonderful to say they heard your message and Shannon's legacy will live on in all of our hearts.

Connie Navarro, Principal, Felix Varela Senior High School

Just a note to say thank you for organizing this presentation for Varela high school in such a short time. I have had so many teachers e mail me, and kids come up to me and talk about the assembly. I know that this information made a difference to these kids.

Felicia, Felix Varela Senior High School

Thank you for all you do for the oceans.

Marine Conservation Biology Institute

A Big thank you to IIeana RosLehtinen, I am a charter boat captain on Summerland Key in the Fl Keys and I have lost over 70 % of my business. Partially due to the economy and largely to due with the heavy load of regulations that are unfounded and unnecessary. I have no problem with protecting the environment, it is our livelihood. But the Fisheries Councils are regulating with out proper science.

Captain Jim

On behalf of the Town of Cutler Bay, I want you to know how much we appreciated the generous amount of time you took out of your schedule last week to discuss Cutler Bay’s federal legislative priorities. Thank you for your continued support of the Town of Cutler Bay.

Paul Vrooman, Mayor, Town of Cutler Bay

Kristi House has received great news from the U.S. Department of Justice for Miami and for commercially sexually exploited children in our community. Our proposal – which you helped support – has been approved for funding. Naturally, we are very pleased and so appreciative of your support.

Trudy Novicki, Executive Director, Kristi House

Thank you again for taking time from your busy schedule to participate with me, Captain Grant, the other Coast Guard personnel and members of the local community in the 24th annual International Coastal Cleanup on South Beach last Saturday. Your continued outstanding support of the Coast Guard is greatly appreciated.

R.S. Branham, Rear Admiral, U.S. Coast Guard

On behalf of the School Sisters of Notre Dame in your district, I would like to thank you for honoring the endeavors of all Catholic women with your support of HRes 441 recognizing their considerable contributions and sacrifice to our nation.

Kathleen Cornell, School Sisters of Notre Dame

We at FLASCO appreciate your dedication and concern for our patients. Certainly, the magnitude of the proposed cuts would drastically affect access to cancer care in our country for many people.

Gerald Robbins, President, Florida Society of Clinical Oncology

As a representative of Miami Children’s Hospital and its Brain Institute, and am very grateful for the considerable support you have provided to our cause over the years. Through the last appropriation you supported, MCH is making novel enhancements to the neurological care of children we are establishing one of the first pediatric comprehensive neuro intensive care facility in the State.

Dr. Prasanna Jayakar, Miami Children's Hospital

Please thank Congresswoman Ileana RosLehtinen for her powerful comments on the house floor for Florida (Keys) coral reefs this week in regards to H.R. 860. She has always been a champion for the reef and we appreciate her.

Paul G. Johnson,State Programs & Policy Director, REEF RELIEF

Ileana is certainly a hero in my book, and should be regarded as a hero to all of the Jewish people.

Sarah N. Stern,Founder and President, Endowment for Middle East Truth

I want to take this opportunity to extend my deepest gratitude for this extraordinary prompt response. You should all take pride in your talents, passion and commitment to public service! Throughout the years Congresswoman Ros Lehtinens' leadership and cross cutting work among the many complex sectors of HIV/AIDS has earned her tremendous respect and gratitude amongst public health workers, consumer groups, AIDS activist and service organizations.

MiamiDade County Health Department Director Evelyn Ullah

Thank you for your leadership and support as you have secured the approval by the U.S. House of Representatives of H.R. 838, the Miami Dade College Land Conveyance Act. As a result of your efforts, the Miami Dade College downtown campus will be able to expand and serve our South Florida community, offering additional educational opportunities. You have led the charge on this important initiative and contributed greatly to making this educational facility a reality.

Eduardo J. Padron, Miami Dade College President

It was good to meet you last week when I visited your office and I appreciate your hospitality very much. I am back at work now, but I wanted to take the time to thank you very much for making my family's visit to the Washington, D.C. very, very special.

James M. Lieupo, PMP. Florida Department of Veterans’ Affairs

Please pass along our sincerest thanks to Rep. RosLehtinen for having FIRM added to a panel to address the Homeowners Insurance Crisis on Thursday, July 2. We are so grateful to be able to bring our perspectives to this meeting and it was only with the Representative's help, and you, that made it happen. We look forward to participating and are thrilled to be a part of this field hearing. Many thanks again from all of us.

Colleen Repetto, Executive Director of FIRM

I have the pleasure to inform you that the humanitarian visa for the above mentioned Person was granted on this date. I feel very happy that with Ileana help and yours we have been able to make a very Sick girl who is anxious to see her brother very happy. Thank you very much for your help.

Guly RodriguezTorres

It is my understanding that your leadership is responsible for the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Homeland Security including the City of Miami’s Storm water Project in their markup for $600,000. While I have been informed that the process for securing these funds is ongoing, on behalf of the City, I am most appreciative of your efforts. We look forward to working with you on this and other projects in the weeks and months ahead.

Mayor Manuel Diaz

I just wanted to send a note to thank you and the Congresswoman for this wonderful bill honoring my grandfather. It is a touching tribute to a great man.

Philippe Cousteau

Just wanted to thank you for your help in resolving the matter with the Social Security Office. The problem was resolved satisfactorily and again I really appreciate your efforts on my behalf.

Rene, M.D.

We would like to offer our heartfelt gratitude and sincere appreciation for taking time out of your busy schedule to join the staff from the Homestead Job Corps Center at the National Job Corps Association's annual congressional event. We are grateful for your Job Corps spirir!

Richard Schubert, Chair, National Job Corps
LaVera Leonard, President, National Job Corps

Extending to you my personal and most sincere admiration for such prompt actions you have taken regarding the healthcare incident many of us have been notified of its occurrence at our here PFC Bruce W. Carter Miami V.A. Medical Healthcare Center.

Joe Martory, VETERAN, U.S.Navy

I join Harry in extending our deepest appreciation for the help the Congresswoman has provided regarding the USPS. This community is very fortunate to have her heartfelt representation.

Councilman Gary Hecht

THANKS for the fast response and also for passing along my regards. This was my first attempt at contacting any of my reps and you did a bang up job. I am very pleasantly surprised. Keep up the great work


I want to commend you on the good job you are doing for the citizens of Monroe County.

Jack and Sharon Kelly

As your constituent, I would like to thank you for your support of the Violence Against Woman Act and your support for resolutions on accountability for violence against women in Darfur, Chad, and Mexico.

Karm Luis

Thank you for so many kindnesses during our trip to Washington last week, and for a great lunch (even though we intended to treat, not to be treated!).

James, Mary, and Vance Salter

On behalf of Girl Scouts of the USA, I would like to thank you for participating in this year's Take Our Daughters to Work Day. So many young girls are not fortunate enough to have access to positive female role models, and this experience provided a handful of girls in this situation with a wonderful opportunity.

Kathleen Ferrier

I just wanted to thank all involved for your help in providing the requested letter of support for the Department of Psychology at UM. It means a lot to us.

University of Miami
Rod Wellness

We extend our most profound gratitude to you, since it was thanks to you and through the valuable letter you sent to the Honorable Ambassador, James Derham in Guatemala City, that my son was able to obtain his visa to visit the U.S.

Luisa Marco Ramazzini

Thank you for making our family vacation possible. We could have not done it without your efforts.

Grace Medford

Thank you so much for your help on our behalf in purchasing our trailer from FEMA. Thank you for the stability you helped to provide our family.

Taylor Reid

Today’s college students are the future of our nation, and I can assure you that we are relieved to hear that the access to higher eduation is, and will continue to be, a concern of yours.

Jorge Rosario

Thank you so much for your help in getting an interview for my fiancé in Italy so he could come over here. I’m happy to inform you he is already here, and we’ve already gotten marriedthanks for your efforts.

Roxana Cerulia

Thank you for your hard work; we commend you for your leadership role and for your relentless support of this lifesaving legislation.

Teresa MoanMerendez

We are very grateful for your noble attitude and cooperation with u.

Julio A. Lopez

Words cannot express my thankfulness and thank you for having answered to my request due to this almost hopeless situation.

Rita M. Arrondo Neninger

I greatly thank you for your outstanding contribution to myself and to the Hispanic community.

Salvador Plasencia

You’ve inspired us and led the way.

Issac Lidsky

My sincere thanks for your unfailing support, but most importantly, for our friendship.

Stanley Tate

Thank you for having such a wonderful staff and for being our congresswoman.

Milica Bookman, Ph.D.

Without your help, the women would not receive the lifesaving treatment they so desperately need. Your dedication will benefit the millions of women living with caner in out country, and we sincerely appreciate all that you have done to see that they will have access to the lifesaving treatment they need.

Fran Visco

I appreciate the fact that there are still public servants in this day and age who are considerate of their constituency as you and your staff obviously are.

Charles Bailey

Being blind made everything quite difficult but not impossible. Nevertheless, I have always been able to find good people like you along the way willing to help…. Having my sister in the audience during my graduation was a dream come true, and you made that dream possible.

Fernando Humphreys

You have showed once more that you care for your community when your help is needed.


We are deeply indebted to your efforts.

James Coee

Some day when I am a successful broadcast journalist I will praise you publicly.

Ted Wansley

We truly appreciate Congresswoman RosLehtinen’s support and hope and pray for a speedy resolution that will bring [my fiance’s and me together soon].

Ravikumar Baskaran

I know that the US Catholic Bishops deeply appreciate your outstanding leadership and support, and I look forward to working closely with you on these and other issues in the remainder of the 106th Congress as well as in the 107th Congress.

Michael Hill

A special thanks goes from the bottom of my heart to you, Ms.RosLehtinen, who willingly helped me with guidance and encouragement to become a United States Citizen.

Reyla Mediews

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your valuable time and support. I will always be grateful to you for this kindness.

Mario NietoMendez

Now, my wife has her Visa, and because of your help, she and my son are finally able to settle down with me in Miami, FL. Without you, this would not have been possible.

Hossein Alirezaei Poshtpari

I cannot begin to express my sincerest gratitude for your kind and most generous assistance. Not only was your responsiveness exceptiona but your genuine concern was refreshing and heartfelt.

Maria Labrada

At last I got my Social Security Benefits thanks to you.

Gladys Mavaute

I also want to let you know how much Miami Children’s Hospital appreciates Rep. RosLehtinen’s efforts to work together with other members of congress this year to seek a FY 2001 appropriation as close as possible to the fall authorization of $285 million for graduate medical education in independent children’s teaching hospitals.

Marc Blank

Thank you for everything you did.

Pearre Valcoart

The courteous attention and help we received from you ad Maytee Sanz as well as your swift assistance in helping us obtain the visa so quickly and in such short notice was instrumental.

Carol Wright

With sincere appreciation or the assistance and support, which you have given me. Thank you so much.

Suleyni Medina

You and your office came through for this student and from what I learned, you are ‘coming through’ for the citizens of MiamiDade County.

Louis Ryan

I want to express my gratitude for your taking the time off your very busy schedule to prepare such a beautiful letter of reference for Jessica. Also, thank you for your guidance and teachings in the time that Jessica did her internship in your office. You are a great role model. Jessica talks highly of you. After I met you, I saw why.

Delia Gonzalez

With these words I offer my gratitude for all the drive found in one person. May God watch out for you forever.

Tamia Ruiz Muazamo

Thank you…Thank you…Thank you…from the bottom of my heart.

Alfonso Hernandez

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your valuable time and support. I will always be grateful for your kindness.

Maria NietoMendez

Thank you for what you have done to represent and help our community, I just wanted to let you know that as a member of this community I am very proud to have a representative like you and I would also like to thank you for representing my mother and I want you to know you have done a magnificent representation.

Sherry Balza

Thank you for the kindness you and your staff showed to us during our recent trip to Washington.

Hector D. Fortun

Many thanks and do not hesitate to get in touch if I can reciprocate.

Oldie M. Soden

Many and warm thanks for your generous donation of a tour of the United States Capitol, a United States flag, a signed certificate in the family’s name, and breakfast with you in the member’s dining room of the United States Capitol for a family of six to the Department of Psychology’s UMNSU Center for Autism and Related Disabilities for auction at Tropical Nights 2007.

Michael R. Halleran

I would like to personally thank you for meeting with the FIU Student Government. It was such a pleasure to personally meet with one of our most distinguished alumni and to see, first hand, all the hard work you do on Capitol Hill. Again, thank you for everything you do for FIU, our students, and our nation.

Jorge Rosario

We are so proud of you and grateful for what you do everyday – not only for women, but for all members of our community. As you prepare to celebrate your 20th anniversary as a member of congress in the not too distant future, you can certainly look back on two decades of substantial accomplishments and contributions.

Dr. Eduardo J. Padrón

I met with Kim SoviaCrandon here in Marathon who promptly forwarded copies of the paperwork to your office. She then directed me to follow up with Maytee Sanz and Maggie Hernandez. By Tuesday, June 26, 2007 my renewal was completed and the license was literally delivered the next day. I couldn’t believe it! Absolutely impressive! My wife thinks I’m a genius for calling you. Thank you for being there

Frederick Shubach, Jr.

Thank you for helping us to obtain our passports in a couple of days after meeting your staff at the Miami office. Maggie and other members of your staff were most helpful.

Viraj Wikramanayake

We would like to start by thanking you and your staff very much for all the help. We called your office in total despair and very concerned of possibly having to close our business. Your office wrote to Administrator Preston of the SBA and explained our situation. A few weeks later we had received a call from our local SVA office stating they had received a call from Washington in reference to us. Thank you and your staff very much and we look forward to meeting you one day.

Marlene Veobides

This was in no small way due to your kind and energetic support in my case.

Teresita Michelena

I am short of words to express my appreciation to you.

Zonia G. Cutire

Thank you for your hard work; we commend you for your leadership role and for your relentless support of this lifesaving legislation.

Teresa MoanMerendez

By supporting this legislation, you have taken a critical first step to responding to this need.

Lorraine Lidoff

At this time of Thanksgiving, I wish to express my most heartfelt thanks to you for all you have done over the past five years to advocate for my release from prison in Beijing.

Yang Jianli

We know this letter of thanks can only begin to express our gratitude for everything you and your incredible staff have done for Marc and us to make this a once in a lifetime Washington experience.

Linda Milani

Thank you very much for writing the letter on behalf of my son, Craig. It was a glowing recommendation for which we are very appreciative. Hopefully, it will help Craig get into the University of Florida and stay in our state where he can contribute to the future well being of our state.

Robert J. Merlin

What a great job you and all your staff did with the letter from the Congresswomen to Capt. Shaw at Homestead ARB. I’ve been getting feed back fro many quarters all week…all very happy and enthusiastic. Capt. Shaw, her family and friends on the base and around the state and the Commanding Officer were all most pleased with the recognition of Capt. Shaw and the important work at the Base.

Andy Ireland

As the mayors and local elected officials of the Florida Keys communities, we want to thank you and your staff (esp. Art, Sarah, Eddy, and Guillermo) for working with and supporting the efforts of the entire Keys delegation during our recent visit to Washington, DC. Our working lunch, complete with Cuban sandwiches, was terrific.”
“We very much appreciate the commitment of your office to help us save and protect the coral reefs of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. All our meetings went well, especially the critical OMB meeting you managed to secure for our group. We pledge to continue our unified efforts to rescue the coral reef ecosystem of the Florida Keys!

Mario DiGennaro, Chris Bull, Dave Boerner, and Claude Bullock

On behalf of the Florida East Coast Railway Society, we want to thank you for facilitating our September 28th tour of Hialeh TriRail yards. The tour, which would have been impossible without your assistance, put a Big smile on the face of all our attendees.

Calvin Winter
President, FECRS

I met with Ileana RosLehtinen, who clearly understood the analogy of our economic reality to the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse. The combined effect of the mandated sewers, insurance, taxes and a soft real estate market could be financial hardship of ruin for many. I specifically requested a lineitem appropriation for the authorized spending for wastewater, grants, and lowinterest funding sources for those who finance sewerrelated expenses.

Editor, Keys Opinion

I want to thank you for your attention and support with my very difficult case. It is so hard to express what I have been thru since my car accident and then my deportation. I have faith in God that I will be back in no time and am trying to be strong. My first struggle was trying to stay alive and not giving up and I have overcome that. I know that Carmen from Telemundo already interviewed you and I heard that went very well. Thank you also for your time with that interview and last but not least, thank you for sending that letter to the Labor Department on my behalf. I just got the good news that the first stage was approved and once I get the money, we can move to the next stage. Maytee from your office has been very helpful as well as I am grateful for that. I look forward to getting back to my home in Miami soon and thanking all of you in person. I will keep Maytee posted on and developments with my case.

Catherine Blanco

Thanks very much for your commitment to improving children’s access to safe and effective medicines and medical devices through passage of the Food and Drug Administration Amendments Act of 2007.

Juan Ulloa

Ileana RosLehtinen is an honorable, hardworking dedicated woman. She is a clear example of a Hispanic that has made definite history by making many dreams come true for many of us. She has impacted my life as a child and will continue to do so as an adult.

Irene Morales
Auburndale Elementary